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The Coconut Road

The Coconut Road - Coco Bowls | Organic Coconut Bowls | Bamboo Straws | Zero Waste Goods

We started Coco Bowls because we're passionate about travel, food, and building a more equitable, sustainable and circular economy. Coconuts are an incredible gift from nature with so many uses its mind boggling. Their outer husks can provide fibers for use in textiles like Vissla boardshorts. A coconut's water provides super-hydrating coconut water and its meat creates a healthier and more sustainable alternative to palm oil which has led to significant deforestation in tropical countries across the globe.

3 years ago our founder had the pleasure to spend some time traveling through Southeast Asia and we fell in love with the country of Vietnam and its people. Warm, kind and hard-working in spite of decades of war and devastation, we were blown away by all that the country had to offer. We left with a sense that one day we would return to bridge our two cultures into something meaningful.