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Dark Wood Boho Fork Pack (4) - Coco Bowls | Organic Coconut Bowls | Bamboo Straws | Zero Waste Goods
Dark Wood Boho Fork Pack (4) - Coco Bowls | Organic Coconut Bowls | Bamboo Straws | Zero Waste Goods

Dark Wood Boho Fork Pack (4)

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What you get:

  • 4 Dark Wood Boho Forks

This 3-inch long fork was crafted from reclaimed wood used in the furniture industry. Unlike metal forks, this wooden fork won’t ruin your meals with a metallic taste or a scraping metal sound. Hydrated and sealed with coconut oil, no chemical sealants or finishes are used.

The ultimate way to bring healthy living and the tropical lifestyle to your home and kitchen. Perfect for smoothie bowls, vegan bowls, and everything in between.

Coco Bowls was born of a love for food, travel, health, sustainable living, and the belief that commerce can be a force for good. We are a social enterprise dedicated to improving people's lives by repurposing Coconut Shells and reclaimed wood into beautiful Bowls and forks to be enjoyed with delicious, healthy meals. 

What's the difference between our bowls and all the other options out there? Two words: Our ETHOS.



Every Coconut Bowl purchased funds beach and ocean clean-up projects worldwide via a grassroots network of non-profits. 10% of Profits go directly to these organizations.

TRANSPARENCY: We believe in being ridiculously transparent so you can check our Instagram and hit the "Donations" story to view our latest financial commitments.

Our preferred organization is Plastic Fischer, a German company building trash booms that collects waste in Indonesian waterways leading to the ocean. 

CARBON-NEUTRAL + PLASTIC FREE SHIPPING: We ship carbon-neutral via carbon-offsets provided by Sea Trees and always PLASTIC-FREE by using recycled cardboard and paper-based tape.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST - FREE SHIPPING! - We are proud to offer Free Shipping on ALL orders -> Check how HERE

Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions!

Coco FAQs

All of your bowls come from organic coconut farms and the shells are repurposed from the coconut oil and coconut water industries in Vietnam. The bowls contain no lacquers, chemicals or polishes whatsoever. They're polished by sanding and hydrated with coconut oil.

We suggest to hand wash with warm soapy water and to air dry. Every 10-15 uses, wipe down with coconut oil to help rehydrate the bowls! Spoons & Forks should also only be washed with warm soapy water and air dry but they are not as delicate as the bowls.

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